Why Google Apps ?

Running Google Apps is very cost effective, especially if you are running 10 or less email accounts.  Below I have outlined 7 different reasons why Google Apps should be considered for small business use.


Reason #7 Maintenance
With Google Apps, Google handles all the maintenance.  I personally have not seen any downtime; the updates are pushed out seamlessly.  This also has to do with cost savings, plus all the hassle of updating the software if I were to manage it.

Reason #6 Collaboration
Here’s a common scenario prior to implementing Google Apps: a document was worked on by someone, emailed to a colleague, who sent another revision to someone else, who ended up making a few changes and sending the wrong updated copy by mistake…. this can get very frustrating.  Google Docs fixed that issue.  With Google Docs, users can simultaneously edit documents in real-time, eliminating the previous issue of multiple versions of a document.

Reason #5 Features and Upgrades
Google handles the entire backend part of the updates and they are literally seamless to the end user.  As features become requested, Google implements the most suggested features.  If you are not satisfied with a part of Gmail, Google also allows people to make “labs” which are minor tweaks.

Reason #4 Accessibility
With Google Apps, you can take your calendar, documents, and email everywhere you go with you simply because it is on the cloud.  By having everything on the cloud, you can virtually use those services anywhere with an internet connection.  There are also apps for most smart phones that allow you to sync your calendar, inbox, and contacts as well.

Reason #3 Ease of Use
Google has invented software that is very user friendly.  The average user can use Google Apps without a bunch of training.  I’m not saying that training isn’t needed to use Google Apps effectively, however, users just seem to get Google Apps.

Reason #2 Cost
If you  are running 10 or less users Google Apps is completely free!   If you have more users than that I would argue that it is worth the $5/user per month.  Hosting your own mail server has many costs involved; electricity, dedicated Internet, network administrators, maintenance, and sometimes even licensing.  When you add all those costs up, it just seems to make sense.  Factor in the reliability, accessibility, collaboration, and the #1 reasons I recommend Google Apps (spam filtering), and Google Apps seems to be a necessity.

Reason #1 Spam Filtering
Google has developed a very good way to filter spam.  In fact, I would argue they currently have the best filtering algorithms created that produce false positives so infrequently that the old norm of checking your spam folder for good messages is a thing of the past.  I receive about 150 messages per day and after using Gmail for the past year and a half, I have had maybe two messages get passed the spam filter.  Overall, the Gmail spam filter just makes sense.


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