Watch iPlayer and Skyplayer

Can I watch services like BBC iPlayer and SkyPlayer from outside the UK?

The short answer is YES!

Due to broadcasting restrictions within the UK and other countries, some website content cannot be broadcast outside the UK. This is obviously a problem for the expatriate community living outside the UK, as these services will be unavailable to them. However, the Internet is not bound by the same regulation.

We offer you the best all round solution that provides not only access to country locked services, but also complete privacy and security to protect all your internet activities whatever they may be.

Introducing Identity Cloaker

Identity Cloaker

Identity Cloaker is not a “Free Proxy Server Service”.

Identity Cloaker is not some rubbish free proxy service that hands you a huge list of so called free proxy servers, that are either overloaded, not working, or even infected by viruses and other nasty stuff. We do not rely on rubbish and neither should you! Instead, operates its own growing network of private servers around the world.

It’s also important to note that free proxy servers are not usually free at all. In most situations the administrators of the physical server computers do not even know they are running a proxy server. They simply either misconfigured some proxy server software they intended to install for their own needs, or their server had been compromised by a hacker who then installed such a proxy server software and probably caused some more evil along the way.

There are also reports of some free proxy servers being directly owned by the bad guys. They may be owned by hackers operating on their own, and sometimes even in organized gangs. They use such free proxy servers as a lure that helps them in phishing attacks, gather your web surfing habits, steal your sensitive information sent through such servers etc. The risk is too high!

Situation 1 – Browsing the web without Identity Cloaker:

Access internet without proxy







You visit a website – let’s call it from your computer, your computer sends a request and retrieves the data sent back from it. This is actually an oversimplification but generally, it’s how it works. The data on the whole path of the communication between you is normally unencrypted (unless secure https/ssl connection is used). can easily discover your physical location by reading your IP address. And the part of the communication between you and your Internet Service Provider is vulnerable to data eavesdropping.

Situation 2 – Browsing the web with Identity Cloaker:

Using Identity Cloaker









You visit a website – again, let’s call it The request is sent through the established encrypted secure tunnel to the chosen Identity Cloaker proxy server. This is done in the background – you do not even have to know about it. The proxy server then sends the request to on your behalf receives the answer and forwards it back to you – again through the encrypted secure tunnel. At all time, was communicating with the proxy server and does not even know about you! The proxy server works as the middleman.

Try it now !

Identity Cloaker Free Demo


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