After being available as a Release Candidate (RC) for some time, Microsoft has announced that Windows 7 is now at Release to Manufacture (RTM) status.

This means that the powers-that-be in Redmond are satisfied that this build is stable engough to press on CDs and box up ready for the commercial launch on October 22nd.

Chances are, though, that you’ll be seeing installations of Win7 before that, as computer manufacturers and software retailers can download the finished version on August 6th.

Contry to the reception of much unloved Vista, Microsoft is expecting a warm welcome to the Windows 7 release. Anticipation has been high amoung bloggers online and the general reaction by testers of Win7 RC 2 (this writer included) has been positive. Rather than patching up Vista, Win7 is a polished refinement.

Installation of or upgrade to Win7 is supposed to be easier than ever, but if you’d like a hand, we’ll be waiting by the phones.

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