Refurbished Computers!

Refurbished Computers






These days’ computers are used for just about everything so most of us tend to have or use more than one computer.

For Families and businesses adding more machines can be a considerable cost and these machines may not be required to do very much but they are none the less required.

We are selling name brand named (Dell,HP,IBM,NEC) machines and providing our clients with a source of top quality machines with licensed software at unbeatable prices.

From B 2500 you can get a machine with a licensed copy of windows XP professional SP3

Laptops are available from as little as B 4200 also complete with licensed windows XP professional SP3

Core 2 Machines are available from as little as B 5500 with a licensed copy of Windows XP professional SP3

Call 0 800 300 400 now for details or email [email protected]

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