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Com2u is Thailands premier supplier of computer home service but we also have some very attractive business solutions created in partnership with our parent company Simplicity International.

IT Services for Small Business 

In order to compete in todays markets, small businesses need to be very careful about how they allocate their IT budgets.

We are still amazed at the number of business we see who :

  • Run overley complex systems in their own offices
  • Have their own mail server
  • Run illegal or improperly licensed software because they dont know that there is an alternative

Through our many years of service to Small businesses around Thailand we can offer our clients scalable solutions which offer the following:

  • Minimal need for licensed software
  • Leverage of cloud based services for email and backups
  • Simple systems for which the majority of maintenance can be handled by the client themselves
  • reasonably priced solutions which have a clear upgrade path should the business grow

With our simple office solutions you can start saving costs immediately and you dont have to change things just because you’re business is growing.

Contact Com2U now and find out how your business can start saving now!


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