Hackintosh Computers ?

From Wikipedia :

OSx86 (from Mac OS X and x86) is a collaborative hacking project to run the Mac OS X computer operating system on non-Apple personal computers with x86 architecture and x86-64 compatible processors. The effort started soon after the June 2005 Worldwide Developers Conference announcement that Apple would be transitioning its personal computers from PowerPC to Intel microprocessors.

A computer built to run this type of Mac OS X is also known as a Hackintosh,a portmanteau of the word “hack” and the name of Apple’s main brand of computers, Macintosh. Hackintoshed notebook computers are also referred to as “Hackbooks”.

Hackintosh dell 755

We have heard of people getting OS X 10.6.8 and newer to run on Dell hardware (optiplex 755)

Apparently on a Dell Optiplex 755 you dont need to modify too much to make the machine run smoothly, though the legality of running OS X on non apple hardware is questionable.

Its a whole new world of Hacking out there and some people do feel the rewards are worth the effort.


We shall be watching to see how the hackers go with OS X 10.7 Lion whose release is imminent.

Watch this space for news on Hackintosh in the near future.


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