Features missing from Win 7

Some of our Readers had asked about features now removed from windows 7 that were available in windows Vista.

Below is a quick list of features that are gone from Windows 7:

  • Classic Start menu user interface
  • Advanced search
  • Combined taskbar buttons no longer numerically show how many window are in their stack
  • The Invert selection menu item has been removed from the Edit menu of Windows Explorer
  • The Taskbar network icon does not show network activity animation
  • Floating Deskbands (was deprecated in Windows Vista, now deskband can be only pinned to taskbar)
  • Windows Media Player Mini-player (replaced with the new Jump list feature)
  • Pinning default Internet Browser and E-mail client software programs on Start menu by default (programs can be manually pinned)
  • The ability to disable grouping (placing next to each other) similar taskbar buttons
  • Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Movie Maker, Windows Mail and Windows Calendar (in favor of downloading or using online the free respective Windows Live counterparts, which lack some features) although the Photo Viewer module of Windows Photo Gallery has been retained.
  • Software Explorer feature of Windows Defender
  • Microsoft Agent 2.0 Technology
  • Windows Sidebar (replaced with Desktop Gadget Gallery)
  • Windows Ultimate Extras in the Ultimate edition
  • Removable Storage Manager (applications dependent on it, such as NTBackup or the NTBackup Restore Tool, cannot run)
  • Windows Meeting Space
  • InkBall, a game
  • The numeric keypad from On-Screen Keyboard


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