How long untill the service person reaches me?

Generally within half an hour (the phone staff will let you know if it’s going to be longer)

What happens if they can’t fix the problem?

In the rare cases where this occurs we have the following remedies :

1. If it is a hardware problem we will defer our invoice until you buy replacement hardware, if
you choose not to buy replacement hardware We will refund you 50% of the cost of the service,
and offer to come back again when you are ready.

2. If it is a software problem which we can’t solve we will refund you 60% of our fee (just to cover our transport)

What happens if I’m not happy with the service?

You can fill in the evaluation form and contact our head office to discuss the problem.

What happens if the problem comes back again?

If it is exactly the same problem we will only charge for transportation to come and visit you to fix it (except in the case where the problem is caused by user error).

Why is my bill higher than the estimate?

The initial estimate is only our base charges not including extra time, hardware or software extras. Once they start looking, technicans may find other things wrong with your computer. If you elect to have them fixed on the spot there will be additional charges. We will never surprise you with a higher bill than expected as you have to approve any extra costs before our technician will do anything.

Is com2U for business and corporate users also?

No com2u is for home and home office customers only. Our staff are trained in computer service for home use and businesses have different service requirements. Please contact
Simplicity International for all your business needs.

Do you sell hardware?

Yes on a limited basis (strictly COD and no credit of any kind)

My printer is out of ink can you help me?

Yes. Be sure tell us the exact model number and which colour of ink or toner you want and we will quote you and deliver COD.

What is com2u Magik?

Com2u Magik is the result of over 15 years of PC service combining the best of practice tweaks and settings for Windows and Mac to make sure they run as quickly and reliably as possibly, it’s like having your car taken in for a full tune up and getting the wheels and tires aligned as well!

Should I tip the staff when they are finished?

Yes, please tip them if they did a good job it helps them to feel appreciated.

Can I pay by credit card?

We will take credit card (for drop off service at our office only ) for bills over B10,000 (VISA, AMEX).

What additional charges do you have?

Charges in addition to technial service are as below:

  • Visit outside Central Bangkok: Bt200-400
  • Additional hour over estimate: Bt200
  • Pickup/Drop Off service: Bt200
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