Computer Repair Fix

Computers break, all the time. If your computer’s sick, Com2u will send a professional computer technician to your home or office to get it back in action. If we can’t fix your computer, we’ll work with your computer’s manufacturer or warrantee provider on your behalf.

Computer Diagnostic

Unless your computer problem is very obvious, the first thing that needs to be done it to work out what’s causing your problem in the first place. After the diagnostic, you’ll be quoted on additional repairs to get your machine back up and running. You may require a hardware repair (below), or perhaps a system rebuild, data recovery or perhaps just a few tweaks.

Staff work time: Approximately 30 minutes on site.
Standard fee: Bt1,500.

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Hardware Repair

Hardware is the collection of physical devices that make up your computer. So a hardware repair would cover a broken screen, blown hard drive or replacing a faulty video card. Note that we may have to take your computer to our service centre.

Staff work time: approximately 1 hour on-site, up to one week in service-centre.
Standard fee: Bt1,500 per hour, plus cost of parts.

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System Reconfiguration

If your problem is not due to hardware but is not serious enough to warrant a system rebuild, a system reconfiguration may be required. This would cover driver installation, registry fixes or recovering from no-boot situations.

Staff work time: up to two hours on-site.
Standard fee: : Bt1,500 per hour plus license costs for any software required.

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Optional Backup

At your option, our technicians can take a full backup of your system before starting any repairs, which means that, if repairs are unsuccessful, your system can be reverted to the exact condition it was in before repair was started.

As backup of large drives can take many hours to complete, please consider having your computer serviced at our service centre if you have 80GB or more.

Staff work time: up to 1 minute per gigabyte.
Standard fee: On-site: Bt5 per gigabyte. Off site: Bt1,500 flat-fee.

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Virus & Malware Recovery

Having a virus is not much different to normal computer problems and you should start with a Diagnostic(above) to determine the best corrective action.

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