Computer Check-up

Get your network up and running smoothly and securely.

Computers won’t run forever and every now and again they need a little attention to make sure everything is going smoothly. A well-maintained and administered computer should be fast, stable and easy to use. If you never attend to your machine, over time it will become a slow computer, your computer will crash often and your pc will be generally unpleasant to work with.

Com2U’s technicians will::

  • Check the general running of your machine for stability, malware and best-practice computing.
  • Check that hardware drivers are up to date and the machine is running smoothly.
  • Check that your operating system and other software has all the latest updates and security patches applied.
  • Uninstall unused software.
  • Remove any unnecessary programs from the startup routine.
  • Recommend any hardware or software upgrades.
  • Blow dust from the case and fans to ensure computer reliability and long life.

Staff work time: Approximately 1 hour on site.
Standard fee: Bt1,500 per hour.

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