Thailand’s Premier Home Computer Repair Service

Com2u is Thailand's premier provider of home computer repair and service. Whatever your computer problem, we have the solution. Our polite and professional technicians are qualified to fix Mac, PCs, laptops, notebooks and netbooks – all in the comfort of your own home or office.

Why fight the traffic to lug your computer into Panthip or TukCom, only to have your valuable photos and documents lost by some bumbler. Our motorcycle-dispatched technicians can be in your home, fixing your computer problem within one hour of your call. Better still, you see what's being done to your computer - we follow your instructions.

Com2u can perform all types of computer repair, data recovery, computer upgrades, software installation or just about any computer task you can think of.

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Data Backup -
Restore Data

Data backup is one of those things we are always going to get round to until it's too late. Whether you need a one-time backup or to establish a regular automated service Com2U is here to help. Don't leave it too late – act now!

Data Recovery may be possible if the worst has already happened. We will need to appraise the situation and advise you. If anyone can restore data Com2U can. Don't despair when one call can do it all.

Home Networks Wifi Networks

Home networks, either wireless, wired or hybrid are great when set-up and working. The problem is that they are not always as easy to set up. It is not a job you do often and so it can take a long and frustrating time. Get Com2U to do the installation for you.

Wifi and wired networks may also develop problems. We can diagnose the problem and fix it for you. Home networks must be fixed on site so give us a call to turn your home into a multimedia heaven.

Check up Slow Computer

Computer running slow? Then you need a check up for that laptop, pc notebook or netbook. Com2U offers a one off service for your computer designed to get it working fast. Many things can slow a computer from a lack of regular maintenance to an unwanted visitor such as a virus or Trojan horse.

In most cases Com2U diagnose the problem and fix your computer, in the comfort of your own home. The easy way to get up and running again.

PC – Laptop Repairs

Computers like all pieces of equipment will break down from time to time. Com2U can fix all kinds of computer problems in the comfort of your own home. No mater what computer you have from a top flight workstation to the humble netbook, if it can be fixed - we can do it.

Once repaired Com2U will optimise your computers performance and advise on future maintenance. When we go it will be running better than ever and you will want to keep it that way. We'll discover the root of problem, then repair and optimize your computer. Having your computer repaired isn't fun. We realize that you just want to get on with your work, your life - even your next video game level.

PC Setup and Installation

If you're having problems getting your PC setup the way you want it, give Com2U a call. We will come to your home and do it for you.

Com2U can get your new computer setup just the way you want it. If you have an older computer we can install new or updated software or install a new operating system.

Those wanting to put Windows 7 on a computer running Windows XP have a lengthly task ahead of them. Why not call com to you and sit-back while we do all the hard work to update your computer

PC – Laptop Upgrades

Each software or operating system update seems to take more and more of your computers resources. In most cases it is possible to upgrade your computer system so that it can cope with the ever increasing demands placed upon it.

Com2U can give your old computer a new lease of life. We can increase your RAM, upgrade or install a second hard disc drive, add optical drives such as DVD plyers or give your machine a complete overhaul. Do not dispose of an old computer until you have checked with Com2U.

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